The Healingstar of Chi

The Healingstar of Chi was inspired by the courageous spirit of my niece, Chiling Hammer, a vibrant,young mother with two beautiful children ,who was diagnosed earlier this year with stage four breast cancer. As an artist,the only way I knew how to contribute to Chi’s healing process was through my art. I would need to channel all my love and healing energy into a painting for her. It evolved into a magical, Healing Hummingbird surrounded by Chinese characters that signify longevity and Chi.

During chemo treatments, the energy of the hummingbird seemed to bring Chi healing and purification. It’s arrival to her home beautifully synchronized with the first day we learned of the incredible progress with her chemotherapy. Chi has now completed her last round of chemo with the stunning and miraculous news that she is cancer free!

To celebrate Chi, and all women sharing this healing journey, I was deeply moved to create The Healingstar of Chi. Each "Chi Star" is personally infused with love and healing energy.

I asked Chi what touched her the most during her experience and she told me wonderful stories of support from her special group of women. In keeping with that, we are donating part of the "Chi Star" proceeds to various support groups for women with Breast Cancer.
The Healingstar of Peace is an energetic amulet to promote the healing of the body and the world. It is with love that I present to you, The Healingstar of Chi.
Fredda Psaltis

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